This page is an attempt to answer the questions we are most frequently asked. Before contacting us please look through this list as it may well give you all the information you need.

1. Joining the Choir

1.1. How do I join the choir?

Please see our joining instructions. Please contact us for more details. Our concerts and rehearsals are usually aligned to school terms - joining up at the "start of term" (September, January, April) gives you the best opportunity to settle in and learn the music.

1.2. When and where do you rehearse?

It's all on the rehearsal schedule!

1.3. What standard do I need to be to join?

We do not insist on formal qualifications (e.g. exam results). You must be able to sing in tune and be able to sight read. Some practical experience of choral singing, especially in languages other than English (e.g. Latin) would be beneficial.

1.4. Will I need to do an audition?

Yes. Normally we suggest you come to a few rehearsals first, then speak to the conductor to arrange an audition. This is very informal and normally takes place just before or just after a rehearsal. You don't need to prepare anything.

2. Attending a Concert

2.1. When's your next concert?

Please consult the current season guide.

2.2. How do I buy tickets?

It depends on the venue. Please consult the current season guide for details of each concert. At many of the smaller venues, tickets will be available on the door, although we can not guarantee availability.

3. Mailing List

3.1. Can you add me to your mailing list?

Yes - please fill in your details selecting "Mailing list enquiry" from the drop-down list.

3.2. I'm getting junk mail from LCC, please stop it!

Sorry. Sometimes people move house and if they don't tell us, we will continue to send mailings to their old address. Please fill in the details selecting "Mailing list enquiry" from the drop-down list, and explain that you want to be removed from the mailing list in the Comments section.